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Paradise St.

I'll walk me down to Paradise St.,
come dawn, dawn of a new day...
when the sun hovers in my wake,
being the illumination of all things.

I will have me everything I need
with just myself.
Some things I have to tell the world myself!

Speaking in the language of renewal,
I am sure of nothing but the world
in this present moment.
I've become transparent...
nobody can see me anymore.

But there is one of me passing through
every drop of autumn dew.

I will hang out with the early morning club:
the wake-up-early's,
the stay-up-late-ers,
and all the lovers
and all the waiters.

I will walk me down to Paradise St.
and then I'll loop around
and come running home on Church.
Oh, welcome to the village of rebirth.

I found a paradise!
I found a paradise,
or so I thought...
Didn't take long
for it to get covered in ice...
my kind of paradise.